June 2017

Lord Harber has begun an enquiry into the purchase and sale of all land formerly owned by his Grandfather, Eli Alfred Harber in and around Ashchurch.

Special interest is being shown to the land occupied by the Ministry of Defence. All achived documents are being procured from the Land Regitsry and the M.O.D. to assist his endeavor.





December 2016

View to Success- Part 1

Although results are are important, success in business lies with how you start it.







October 2005

Hurricane Wilma - Cancun, Mexico

In October 2005 Lord Perry Harber was unfortunate enough to be on holiday in the exclusive Moon Palace Hotel in Cancun, Mexico when the lagest hurricane ever recorded made landfall.

In this brief documentary, Lord Harber tells of his experiences in the terrifying nutural and international disaster.




1989 - 2016

Nightclubs, Bars and Pubs.

Starting in 1989, Lord Perry Harber began investing in pubs, bars and nightclubs both in England and around Europe.

Despite the downturn in revenues taken by such places following the UK smoking ban in July 2007. Lord Harber, has always found that quality venues will continue to make money.




June 1980

1st June 1980 Lord Harber arrived in Miami shortly after the notorious 1980 riots began. He witnessed several cars overtuned, the remains of several fires, masked rioters occupying the rooftops of buildings, and a heavy police presence. Despite this he also witnessed normal life carrying on at the sime time, including newspaper sellers trading in burning streets.

Shortly afterwards,while staying at the Fontainebleau Hotel, Lord Harber saw Jimmy Carter, the then President of the United States arrive to oversee the aftermath of the riot. President Carter held several meetings and press conferences at the same hotel.