Latest Bulletins

24th July 2018

The Guardian Newspaper.

The commencent of fracking at the shale gas site in Lancashire by Caudrilla today after two years of protest, will be watched with great interest by Lord Harber.

"The extraction of shale gas at this and other sites by Caudrilla is a great leap forward in producing sustainable energy for the U.K." Lord Harber was quoted as saying.




4th July 2017

Lord Harber has begun an enquiry into the purchase and sale of all land formerly owned by his Grandfather, Eli Alfred Harber in and around Ashchurch.

Special interest is being shown to the land occupied by the Ministry of Defence. All achived documents are being procured from the Land Regitsry and the M.O.D. to assist his endeavor.





7th February 2017

Lord Harber is pleased to announce his involvement in the founding of the new charity MYCAREIN, a charity created to raise awareness of the little known genetic disorder Angelman Syndrome. Lord Harber anticipates that his involvement in this venture will grow.




16th December 2016

A Geological company has made a request to Lord Harber to test Glascwm's suitibilty for the extraction of shale gas.




19th November 2016

Lord Perry Harber has announced that in spring next year, he will be joining five of his colleages in a sponsored skydive to raise money and awareness for Special Needs Children.

Watch this page for further updates.



12th November 2016

A visit by Lord Perry Harber to Non Sung School in Kantharalak, Thailand. Lord Perry Harber visited the school to meet the Headmaster (Director) and was later treated to lunch.




9th January 2015

The land currently occuped my the Ministry of Defence at Ashchurch Army Camp has been earmarked for 2,125 homes in plans being drawn up by Tewkesbury, Cheltenham and Gloucester district councils.

Part of the land, which was recently sold for £140million by the M.O.D. was compulsarily purchased from Lord Harber's Grandfather, at the beginning of the Second World War as part of the war effort.


5th January 2014

New houses built in picturesque spa town of Harrogate, North Yorkshire, England and ready for sale by Lord Perry Harber. Lord Harber promises further projects of this type in the area.




9th April 2013

In the 2013 GP2 Racing Season, Lord Harber is pleased to announce his sponsorship of motor racing in this series. Lord Harber intends to further sponsor this sport in the future.




19th October 2005

In October 2005 Lord Perry Harber was unfortunate enough to be on holiday in the exclusive Moon Palace Hotel in Cancun, Mexico when the largest hurricane ever recorded made landfall.

In this brief documentary, Lord Harber tells of his experiences in the terrifying nutural and international disaster.


8th December 2001

After completion of a succesful housing project in Lliber, Alicante, Spain, Lord Harber was delighted to learn that the building had been nominated for a prestigious design award. Although he found himself unable to attend the awards, he was thrilled to learn later that he had won and that the award had been accepted on his behalf by the achitect for the project.



2nd June 1998

Perry Harber - known as Lord Perry Harber - Lord of the Manor of Glascwm - is pleased to announce the successful settlement of the legal case he brought against a former employee who made false statements to the press and the police regarding his management of the nightclub TNT in Gloucester. The original case - with a claim of £2million - was dropped and settled out of court for an undisclosed sum.



20th November 1991

Lord Harber has submitted drawings and plans to Alicante Planning for the build of 80 houses in order to extend the village of Lliber, Jalon Valley, Alicante, Spain.




18th May 1980

Lord Harber arrived in Miami shortly after the notorious 1980 riots began. He witnessed several cars overtuned, the remains of several fires, masked rioters occupying the rooftops of buildings, and a heavy police presence. Despite this he also witnessed normal life carrying on at the sime time, including newspaper sellers trading in burning streets.